Vino รจ vita

For the Italian people wine is culture. The Italian dining table is bare without a bottle of wine. Italians drink wine at lunch and dinner. Wine has been an intrinsic part of the culture of Italy for centuries. In fact such lineage can be traced back to the Roman era and many of the most popular Italian wines have a history that can be traced back for centuries.

For Italians, their passion for food and wine comes in second only to their love of family. Throughout Italy, food and wine serve as a testament to each region's unique cultures and a reflection of the deep, familial history that runs through the country.


Franciacorta opens up to you with rolling hills that are decorated with vineyards where you cannot help but stop and enjoy both the view and the varying tastes of the vines. Franciacorta offers it all: great wine, first class food, beautiful and grand Buildings and of course nature's own calming oases.


The beautiful scenery, the good wines and the delicious food invites you to a relaxing and tasteful experiences. Perfect for those seeking a holiday filled with good food and even better wines. It is precisely here that one produces the wine which is called "the king of the red wine".


You almost can't believe that an are this beautiful exists, can there really be such beautiful wine country between the mountains and the sea? The answer is simply yes. In less than an hour, you can stand either in the breathtaking Dolomites or in the middle of atmospheric Venice with its canals and crowds. Welcome to this wonderful region, where the bubbly flows, which is still unknown to many travellers.


Want to enjoy a wine tasting in Tuscany? Good choice! Tuscany is one of the world's best destinations for wine-lovers: from Sassicaia to Chianti, not only are the reds, whites and dessert wines top-notch, but with their rolling hills and verdant landscapes, the Tuscan vineyards alone are breathtaking too.

"Where wine reigns, silence does not reign"